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Rabo Mini Runner

Rabo Mini Runner

Our fantastic Rabo Mini Runner often becomes a child's first experience on a two wheeled tricycle. Children are still able to use their feet to maintain balance and push the Rabo Mini Runner forwards. The Rabo Mini Runner holds plenty of great social and physical play potential, considering that it can be used by more than one child and offers a multitude of role playing opportunities.

This Rabo Mini Runner can be used as a bus, for racing or just for biking and having fun. Many playful hours can be spent on the Rabo Mini Runner, providing children with an abundance of added and natural confidence to embrace a tricycle with pedals wholeheartedly. The two side and front bars in the rear section of the Rabo Mini Runner, combined with the flat large surface can accommodate children with a variety of physical challenges, encouraging all children to take part!

: Weight - 13.9kg
: Height (to seat) - 45cm
: L/W/H - 107 x 54 x 65cm

Age: 4yrs+

129.95 (155.94 inc. VAT)


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