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Perception Semispheres

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Perception Semispheres

The sensory Perception Semispheres come in eight different clear colours and are soft and warm to the touch. The very youngest children will enjoy handling them in free sensory play or a part of a Treasure Basket collection. Older children will find them fascinating as they hold them up and look through them seeing the world around them in different colours.

When a hemisphere is placed on top of an object it magnifies it by 4 or 5 times to give a view that is both a different colour and enlarged. Holding two or three Perception Semispheres together creates new colours and hues; using the Spheres on a light panel will enhance the children's opportunities for colour mixing.

: 8 Pieces
: Diameter - 5cm

34.95 (41.94 inc. VAT)


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