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Large Sensory Stones

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Large Sensory Stones

These large sensory stones are designed to enable children to have sensory experiences by experimenting with the raised and indented shapes and patterns in sand, mud, play dough or any other medium they discover. The Large Sensory Stones are made from a strong mix including real stone which makes them durable. The set of Large Sensory Stones consists of eight individual stones with their own unique patterns making both raised and indented patterns. Four of the of the stones are indented designs one spiral design, a stone of seven circles, a zigzag pattern and lined pattern. The other four stones are raised and these are a dotted stone, a stone of seven circles, gridded stone and a stone with wavy lines. The sensory stone set comes complete with a teacher's guide full of exciting ideas for sensory play, messy play, printing and mark making. Sensory Stones are part of the popular range of Learning Pebbles, designed to offer children tactile early learning experiences.

: Set of 8
: 75mm

Age: 3yrs+

19.95 (23.94 inc. VAT)


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